Procedure for Patient Evacuation Using the WauK® board

The WauK® board is a helpful tool during evacuations from hospitals and nursing homes. It is a dolly designed specifically for transporting people. Patients are easily and inexpensively transfered from building to ambulance using the WauK® board's built-in dolly features (wheels, footrest, easy-to-use handles, lightweight).


Lifting and Carrying Patients


Team Size Determination

In most cases, a two-person team can transfer patients. A three-person team may be needed depending on:

  1. the weight of the patient
  2. the strength of the members on the team

When a patient is being rolled through a hallway, the WauK® board is in the upright position and the weight of the load is transferred to the wheels. When a patient is being extricated down steps, the team member at the head end of the board uses the wheel‑barrow position. The weight of the load is heavier when carrying the WauK® board in the wheel-barrow position. An optional third team member can be added at the head of the WauK® board for heavier patients. Note: The person at the foot end of the board pulls the WauK® board forward on each step. They do not lift the WauK® board.

don't carry... ROLL a patient instead
prevent career limiting back injuries
minimize patient movement