The Newest Innovation in Patient Extrication.
A dolly designed specifically for transporting people while preventing first responder back injuries: extricate patients from tight or restricted spaces by rolling, not carrying.
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A cost-effective tool for hospitals and nursing homes: meet JCAHO requirements for "All Hazards" evacuation planning

  • The most cost effective approach: 1 WauK® board can evacuate 5 patients
  • Roll patients on wheels; don't drag them through hallways, down stairs
  • Minimize back strain for the extricator
  • Maximize patient comfort and safety
  • Easily extricate through tight spaces, narrow doorways, small stair landings
  • Train staff easily:
    • NO complicated stairway braking systems
    • NO unrolling before use
    • NO re-rolling for storage after use

Five Patient Evacuation Estimate

Five evacuations by one team is an estimate based on simulated evacuations conducted by a two person team using Rescue Randy (a 175 lb. dummy) as the evacuee. We estimate that in two to three hours a team could evacuate 5 people from the fifth floor of a building. Our simulation was done in daylight. Emergency lighting, the floor the patient is on, and other factors may affect the actual number of evacuations a team can perform. Five patients per WauK® board is a conservative estimate of it's reusability during evacuation to allow for economic comparisons.

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Special Water Evacuation
AND, it floats! Patients can remain on the WauK® board during extrication to a water rescue craft if evacuating during flood conditions.

  • Maintenance free
  • X-ray translucent
  • Lightweight
  • Capacity: 500 lb.
  • MRI compatible
  • Reinforced for extreme rigidity
  • Floats in water
  • Impervious to body fluids
  • Easily decontaminated
  • Fits in all ambulance types
overall length 80"
length from top of foot rest to head of board 74"
width 18"
thickness 2"
thickness at wheels 3.5"
part number WBS100‑SO
  • Bearingless wheels
  • No mechanical parts to maintain
  • No electrical components to maintain
  • Foam filled = lightweight
  • Reinforced for extreme rigidity
  • Rotationally molded (seamless)
  • Made in USA

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don't carry... ROLL a patient instead
prevent career limiting back injuries
minimize patient movement