The Newest Innovation in Patient Extrication.
A dolly designed specifically for transporting people while preventing first responder back injuries: extricate patients from tight or restricted spaces by rolling, not carrying.
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Stop hurting your back!

Designed to prevent first responder back injuries and extend careers, the All‑Terrain WauK® board is the newest innovation in patient extrication. It's a dolly designed specifically for transporting people. It allows first responders to roll their patients to safety instead of carrying them.

The WauK® board's one-of-a-kind, patented design adds the functionality of a dolly to a conventional backboard, allowing a first responder to extricate an immobilized patient from tight, restricted spaces without back injury to the first responder. This unique dolly feature allows first responders to:

Two wheels at the foot end provide smooth rollability. A rugged built-in footrest is perpendicular to the board when opened, or flush with the board when folded shut.

New! ATW: the All-Terrain WauK® board
  • All-terrain wheels for outdoor/indoor use
  • Exterior wheel placement provides improved stability
  • Ideal for supine rescue applications:
Multiple Victim Vehicle Extrications
Water Rescues
Bus Accidents
Building Collapses
Slope / Low Angle Rescue
Confined Space Evacuation
Moving Patients Long Distances (fields, forest, etc)
HAZMAT Decontamination of Unconscious Patient
Active Shooter Situations
Bariatric Patients
Patient Evacuation
Use in Elevators, Stairs, Grass, Carpet, Etc
Choose From Four Models



  • outboard all-terrain wheels for outdoor/indoor use
  • 3" additional patient head room
  • outboard all-terrain wheels for outdoor/indoor use
  • shorter for easier storage
  • inboard wheels
  • 3" additional patient head room
  • inboard wheels
  • shorter for easier storage
overall length 80.5" 78.5" 80" 77.75"
length from top of foot rest to head of board 74" 71" 74" 71"
width 18" 17.5" 18" 17.5"
width at wheels 20.5" 20.5" 18" 17.5"
thickness 2" 2" 2" 2"
thickness at wheels 5" 5" 3" 3"
part number WBAT200‑SO WBAT100‑SO WBS100‑SO WBS110‑SO
how to purchase Pricing Pricing Pricing Pricing
  • Capacity: 400 lb.
  • Light weight
  • Foldable footrest
  • Maintenance free
  • X-ray translucent
  • MRI compatible
  • Impervious to body fluids
  • Easily decontaminated
  • Floats in water
  • Fits in all ambulance types
  • Foam filled
  • Reinforced for extreme rigidity
  • Rotationally molded (seamless)
  • Bearingless wheels
  • No mechanical parts to maintain
  • No electrical components to maintain
  • Made in USA

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How EMS/Rescue Teams Use the WauK® board

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don't carry... ROLL a patient instead
prevent career limiting back injuries
minimize patient movement