Stair Chair vs. WauK® board

1. Cost Comparison

• Cost comparison for evacuating 50 patients from a hospital or nursing home.
• Prices for the WauK® board and stair chair are list prices.
• If you already own stair chairs, you can supplement them with WauK® boards to accommodate patients who can't sit up.

Stair Chair WauK® board
Item Quantity Unit Price Total Cost Quantity Unit Price Total Cost
Stair Chair 10 $3,391 $33,910
WauK® board 10 $775 $7,750
Patient strap sets 10 $40 $400
Total $33,910 $8,150
SAVINGS $25,760

2. Feature Comparison

Issue Stair Chair WauK® board Comments
Patient Application Used only for patients that can sit up. Used for patients that can sit up or must remain lying down. The WauK® board can be used to evacuate all patients while a stair chair can only be used to evacuate patients that can sit up.
Quantity Required One needed for every 5 patients that require evacuation. One needed for every 5 patients that require evacuation. No difference. One team extricating five patients during an evacuation is an estimate and can be affected by the number of floors to ground level, patient size, and other factors.
Capacity 500 lbs (227 kgs) 500 lbs (227 kgs) No difference.
Lifting Lifting only required to assist patient into and out of the stair chair. Lifting required to raise the evacuee to the upright dolly position for extrication. The WauK® board requires additional lifting.
Weight 37 lbs (varies based on manufacturer) 23 lbs The WauK® board is lighter than a stair chair and therefore easier to carry back upstairs for an additional evacuation.
Tight Space Maneuvering 20 in wide (varies based on manufacturer) 18 in wide The WauK® board is easier to maneuver through tight spaces.
Maintenance Maintenance required as described in operators manual (varies based on manufacturer). No maintenance required. The WauK® board does not require maintenance.
Ease of Use and Training Adjustments are required during use. Several steps required to fold for storage and unfold for use. No adjustments required during use. No folding or unfolding required. The WauK® board has only one configuration with no adjustments. Therefore it is easier to use and easier to train on.
Cost $3391 ea. (a stair chair with tracks that allow for extrication down stairs) $775 ea. + $40 for straps Total cost of the WauK® board is less than the total cost of a stair chair.

** The WauK® board is intended to be reused during an evacuation. The patient is transferred from the WauK® board to the ambulance gurney and the WauK® board is taken back upstairs for another evacuation.

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