A Cost-Effective Tool for Hospitals and Nursing Homes;
Meet JCAHO Requirements for "All Hazards" Evacuation Planning

Procedure for inclusion
in your Evacuation Plan

Special Water Evacuation
AND, it floats! Patients can remain on the WauK® board during extrication to a water rescue craft if evacuating during flood conditions.

Five Patient Evacuation Estimate

Five evacuations by one team is an estimate based on simulated evacuations conducted by a two person team using Rescue Randy (a 175 lb. dummy) as the evacuee. We estimate that in two to three hours a team could evacuate 5 people from the fifth floor of a building. Our simulation was done in daylight. Emergency lighting, the floor the patient is on, and other factors may affect the actual number of evacuations a team can perform. Five patients per WauK® board is a conservative estimate of it's reusability during evacuation to allow for economic comparisons.

compare WauK® board
vs. Stair Chair vs. Ski Pad vs. Ski Sheet


Capacity: 500 lb.
Reinforced for extreme rigidity
Impervious to body fluids
Easily decontaminated
Thick wheels roll over deep pile carpet
Large footrest
Convenient handle in footrest
Foam filled for rigidity
Rotationally molded (seamless)


  standard WauK® board
overall length 80"
length from top of foot rest to head of board 74"
width 18"
thickness 2"
thickness at wheels 3.5"
part number WBS100-SO

Made in the USA

Jer-Den Plastics
750 Woodside Dr.
Saint Louis, MI 48880