Brevard County, Florida — home of the Kennedy Space Center — adopted the WauK® board on ambulances county-wide after field testing for 2 months.
Butler County EMS Council in Pennsylvania adopted the WauK® board county-wide.
"The WauK® board should be the standard of care for extrication of patients with or without evidence of spinal cord injury." Dr. Gregory R. Brammer, MD, FACEP
Fairfield Hose Co. moved a 550lb patient off the floor, into his chair, then to the ambulance. Chief Hawryliw said "we could not move this patient without a WauK® board."

the WauK board


Designed to prevent first responder back injuries and extend careers, the WauK® board is the newest innovation in patient extrication. It's a dolly designed specifically for transporting people. It allows first responders to roll their patients to safety instead of carrying them.

The WauK® board's one-of-a-kind, patented design adds the functionality of a dolly to a conventional backboard, allowing a first responder to extract an immobilized patient from tight, restricted spaces without back injury to the first responder. This unique dolly feature allows first responders to:

Made in the USA

Jer-Den Plastics
750 Woodside Dr.
Saint Louis, MI 48880

the WauK board

How It Works

Two 3" diameter wheels at the foot end provide smooth rollability. A rugged built-in foot rest perpendicular to the board when opened, or flush with the board when folded shut.


X-ray translucent
Capacity: 500 lb.
MRI compatible
Reinforced for extreme rigidity
Floats in water
Impervious to body fluids
Easily decontaminated

Fits in All Ambulance Types

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the WauK board


Fits in a standard backboard storage cabinet:

  standard WauK® board NEW!
compact WauK® board
  2" additional patient head room fits smaller ambulances
overall length 80" 77.75"
length from top of foot rest to head of board 74" 72"
width 18" 17.5"
thickness 2" 2"
thickness at wheels 3.5" 3.5"
part number WBS100-SO WBC110-SO