don't carry... ROLL a patient instead
prevent career limiting back injuries
minimize patient movement

Washington DC's Chief Medical Examiner office relies on the WauK® board for deceased removals.
Brevard County, Florida — home of the Kennedy Space Center — adopted the WauK® board on ambulances county‑wide after field testing for 2 months.
"The WauK® board should be the standard of care for extrication of patients with or without evidence of spinal cord injury." Dr. Gregory R. Brammer, MD, FACEP
Miami-Dade County's Chief Medical Examiner uses WauK® boards for deceased removals.
Fairfield Hose Co. moved a 550lb patient off the floor, into his chair, then to the ambulance. Chief Hawryliw said "we could not move this patient without a WauK® board."
Butler County EMS Council in Pennsylvania adopted the WauK® board county‑wide.
Milwaukee's Chief Medical Examiner recently purchased WauK® boards for deceased removals.
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The WauK® board is a dolly specifically designed for transporting people. New, larger, outboard-mounted wheels allow the next-generation All-Terrain WauK® board ("ATW") to be used in more outdoor applications with better stability, easier handling, and improved clearance to evacuate your supine* patients over gravel, through tall grass, and more.

The WauK® board is a smart tool to use in stairways, tight elevators, mobile homes, aircraft, small rooms, water rescues, active shooter situations, mass evacuations, bariatric patient transport, removal of deceased, and anywhere you want to minimize back injuries while maximizing mobility. Roll, don't carry!

The WauK® board’s one-of-a-kind, patented design adds the functionality of a dolly to a conventional backboard, allowing a first responder to extricate an immobilized patient from tight, restricted spaces. It's the ideal companion to a stair chair because the WauK® board allows rescuing patients that must remain supine (lying face up), without carrying them.

New! ATW: the All-Terrain WauK® board
  • All-terrain wheels for outdoor/indoor use
  • Exterior wheel placement provides improved stability
  • Ideal for supine rescue applications:
Multiple Victim Vehicle Extrications
Water Rescues
Bus Accidents
Building Collapses
Slope / Low Angle Rescue
Confined Space Evacuation
Moving Patients Long Distances (fields, forest, etc)
HAZMAT Decontamination of Unconscious Patient
Active Shooter Situations
Bariatric Patients
Patient Evacuation
Use in Elevators, Stairs, Grass, Carpet, Etc